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intended for Belfast medical students, but it is also a

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weight of the animal upon the front legs. The front

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invasion or catarrhal stage, the period of the eruption, and the period of

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of the affected limb. A tendency to varix is developed, partial

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the pus be shaken up in a test-tube with a little salt and water, the

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little summer savory, 4 cloves, pepper, and a blade of mace.

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adhesions, a number of them in the fibrous remnant of

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are the result of adductor muscle, tendon and fascia con-

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master that inevitable decomposition which is not overcome by any other

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Limbitrol 10-25, initial dosage of three to tour tablets daily in divided doses,

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Zantac Syrup, a clear, peppermint-flavored liquid, contains 16 8 mg ot ranitidine HCI equivalent to 15

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Mesue Damascenus, Joannes. Canones universales.*** Lugdiuni], An-

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these inoculation areolae are due to allergic mechanisms of any sort.

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even to arrest it ; anuria may occur once more, and tliis is then

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enforcement in that body, there is no need for it in

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stream of air is dangerous ; in practice it would be far safer

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work done and to the peculiar arrangement of the bones.

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by experiments. The advantages of this method are: that the mechanical

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method rather than the surgical, not only because it is less destruc-

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scribed as a change in the seat of the disease, and hence the term

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unmeaning name of " Braxy." * It is a disease of more

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the wiping away of the blood with well-washed old linen rags ;

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for the past thirteen years, and formerly of Baltimore, has had

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