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in cystitis. There is no danger of an incurable fistula

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There was not the slightest grounds for supposing that there

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resume the feeding. In such attempts, it is too true

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dry mass the size and shape of a hen's egg. Its surface was

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servers to study the influence of injection of testicular extract on the

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and certainly at, no previous period has there been

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are far more powerful weapons of attack or defence against invading bacteria

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sary to bring it in direct contact with every part of the

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ence, a nation sustaining active conmiercial relations

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tumor, believed by the author to be described for the first

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originality and foresight and of giving a free hand to those who show

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of the section of departmental administration in the

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and as a physiologrical restorative in Sexual Debility,

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with consequent foot drop, and wasting. The extensor

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twenty-four hours after calving, should be given the fol-

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labouring under cirrhosis, and who died in a state of profound

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peared. From these and many other reported cases of some-

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perhaps, in that order. Electro-puncture is. Professor Holmes thinks, on the

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2d. The determination, by actual investigation and enquiry, of

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Obtainable by Students at St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

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and causeth many weaknesses ; and by being too cold and

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four hours. Constipation should be persistently antag-

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from her bed, nor even to feed herself, and was 'manipulated in

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subject of generation treated sufficiently fully, followed by a description of the

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—109. VoiKiy. Mim. lu h I' Acad, royale de mid. Feb. 24, 1843. — 110. Wilson.

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right lateral flexion of the utenis. Separate private

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the face anxious. On examination of the scrotum, only one

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1880 m.— Idem < de Par., v. 51, 6. s., v. 2 (27), 3 juillet, pp. 349-350.

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Mem. Mass. Coll. Phar. ; Am. Phar. Assoc; Mem. Am. Assoc.

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The benefit of the operation was shown in the immediate

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sinews and flesh, is a great desirer of novelties and beauties

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time of even the minutest trace of devitalisation or of necrosis,

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For some two or three weeks the disease was confined to

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