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arthritis. In this paper he contributes many interesting

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broken. " I'll risk him," said the happy father, tossing him

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tics. It is curious how often some of these absurdities have repeated

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though Doctor London knew that he was himself at death's

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to recover his health completely, by no other treatment than living for

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Assistant Attending Physician, North Shore University

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Pablum, different in flavor because of its oatmeal base.

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A complete thoracoplasty is indicated in pulmonary tuberculosis

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Edmondson recorded a rainfall of 1.60 inches on 19 days, the

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The Gazette covers entirely different ground from the hancti or British

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they did not appear in any of our cases with the exception of the one

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internists, as well as allied professionals working in the field.

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history of occurrence of vesiculation and necrosis with a

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cytosis of children associated with hemorrhage, 8y})hilis

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private rooms in the Lying in Hospital, where I knew she would

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sation with all its attendant dangers, is a clear indication. Some

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necessary to use the catheter; this was done eight or nine times,

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pressure falls, the venous pressure rises in a more pronounced

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and it is a question, therefore, how far the tremors depend on the corpora

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Similar changes take place in a woman. Each menstrual period

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away, nnable to resist the pressure of nature, or make head against those external obsta-

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