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very seldom. Children who suffer from nervous irritation,

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truth of his assertion, that the lesion must be situated in the spinal

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bers of the family. Whether we are concerned with their condensation

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narcotism of opium poisoning, with an illustrative case. The case re-

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There can, however, be no reasonable doubt that it does happen, as in

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contain a few leukocytes, occasional streptococci, coagulable fluid,

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fear twenty or thirty years. • I think that they will not

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ally become tympanitic, under the most intelligent management,

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tures, as of the stomach, eye, uterus, vagina, urethra and bladder. As an injection in leucorrhoea and gonor-

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Protocol of Experimentfi (relating to Paragraph '.i).

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fall, velocity and direction of the wind, evaporation, percent-

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and typhoid fevers milder and more manageable, the absence of a con-

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the simple element of dilution which becomes of especial importance

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that feeding is scanty, or pastures bare for long periods in

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freely by a restricted diet of warm bran mashes, etc., or

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Fig. 9 (Plate 7-A). — Shows animal weighing 18 pounds after 15 c.c. of iodo-

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drawn into the depth of the tube for capillary drainage.

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room, with covering over the eyes. On examination, the

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drainage system, even to the extent of creating settling tanks

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of the section of departmental administration in the

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Bellevue and from 1964 to 1966 he was Chief, Division of

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left cerebral hemisphere was successfully removed, the operation,

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This was the only case of the kind that Dr. Morelli

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