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vincial regulations for the improvement of stock, 3. They must

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to Disease and Injuries of the Nervous System. By Allan Mc-

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occurs in tertiary syphilis ; but there is good reason for believing that

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To establish a defence on the ground of insanity, therefore, it must be

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the governments will respectfully listen to our demands for reform.

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consequently the curve of the vagina is changed, its upper extremity

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ject to the will, to an exceedingly valuable degree as

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subjects are open to Seniors in the co-operating high schools. There are likewise

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fusely. Hastily inserting a speculum I saw the blood

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joint pains and palpitation. She was in bed six weeks longer. She entered the

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be elevated and the thighs flexed and abducted. Begin by thor-

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I. History of Agriculture. Taught by lectures and refer-

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3. Symptomatology of Lead Poisoning. — Females and young

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years. He has published a book that to my mind is one of the most

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tracing. The patient now looks quite well, and in the six

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of his own symptoms, and discussed them and their possible

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conditions which are mistaken for early symptoms of

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the necessities of the case given. The drug is said to rapidly

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ha\'e had their valuables returned, and they must in addition see that a

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be definitely stated. The investigation of this problem, has to be under-

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that in his new and important post it was not worth

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Beck, J. E., hospital steward. Relieved from duty at New

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pathology is limited by a line drawn between the anterior supe-

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blood, (huJccemiaJ which condition revealed by the micro-

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tea, prepared by taking a handful of the inner bark of the ash, adding

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brethren these perils and hardships at the hands of

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tongue becomes, at first lightly, then heavily, coated, and later it may

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recorded as occurring in men and children have been successfully treated by

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would like at least the amount which he has paid out, for the benefit of

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