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two named as " principal diets " and is inadequate, especially in

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Tincture of Valerian, L. — Valerian bruised, 5 oz., proof

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ness, and was able to return to work. Within the last

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the aorta. At the pericardial attachment to the aorta, two

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merry men. I have often heard him say : " My mother was a Puritan,

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from trunk to trunk and from limb to limb, constituting an immense

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1S74. Fel. Am. Acad. Arts and Sci. ; Mem. Bos. Soc. Nat. Hist.

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hemorrhages of the conjunctiva and of the ear, buccal ulcerations, and

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clusive of 24 convalescents from the disease under treatment in

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and proved so fatal to many thousands of children and older

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Last year the number of animals inspected for abattoirs having

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no adhesions and no generalization of the disease in

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attempt the recovery of Palestine from the dominion of the

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spectable physician in each county-town and in each ward of every city, whose duty

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ally the nearer the color approaches to white the less

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The agglutinative serum reaction appears to be of wide, although not uni-

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a single bulla had, with the co-operation of an intelligent nurse and a

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tial or pseudoreactions. It is clear that those who interpret only complete

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discoveries of Koch. His name was upon almost every lip, his

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City of Toronto contributed no less than 2,872 cases, or 54% of

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nature of the two fevers ; from the internal pathological lesion 3

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ischemia caused by edema of dependency and usually ag-

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the earlier stage. The onset is rather abrupt in the acute

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equal to salicylic acid and thymol. In the diabetic

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glottis, and penetrating down the trachea to the bronchi. The

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and \vc conld not make sure that anioiii; tlit-sc thfi-c

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ually pouring from it. Freely lubricating the hand and fore-

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partial suppression of urine, convulsions, dark petechial spots, and hemor-

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ing been done the present month. In one instance the operation

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Of the three orders into which I have divided Narcotics,

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central nervous system, the symptoms being in general quite

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have previously had occasion to say, is, in our opinion,


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just now looked through a rosy mist sees all things as

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became convinced that actual disease of the vessel is a sine qua

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this paper to discriminate between the two ; indeed,

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their sick friends. Nor are they desirous of shirking the natural

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their effect. on the muscles, after a movement has been performed in this

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ment of that organ, and I once made, by mistake, a lum-

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