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ed to me by Dr. Phelps, and which I now show to you, was used

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Duration. Life has been destroyed by this disease in less than

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day has been free from albumen, while that passed on the sue-

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currents and whorls against the inner ventricular surface, which, to

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used stimulants before making his most brilliant efforts.

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This was fifteen years ago and the individual is still

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Upsala, has given us the first exact description of the course of

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said, of fitting it up for a quarantine station for persons

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deformities. The hair was lusterless, uneven, long and fluffy. The head was

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tic individual, might convey the general disease; and added a few remarks as

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attempt the recovery of Palestine from the dominion of the

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Any part of the urethra may suffer, although usually only one part

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them restored to health. A CRSe of the dropsy, consid-

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opened, the wall of the abscess stitched to the ab-

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arrests or modifies any tendency to ulceration and sloughing,


mammals. DogieFs description of these elements as seen after

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In the field or on the march, the watering is from the most convenient

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A bill was recently passed by the Georgia House of Delegates

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herniations, occult subluxations, or spinal instability must be

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newspaper or periodical, should send for this book, as from it

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position as regards water and impurities, and that the distillation of the water for

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moist until the patient reaches a field hospital, it will be less

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precipitate will dissolve just below the boiling-point

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to be supposed that so wise and good a man as his old and venerated

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cerin. Anthrarobin lo, borax 8, distilled water 80, is

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recover, and that many of the cases of injury of the abdomen followed by perito-

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to properly cope with this serious and ravaging infection.

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ment, of which mercury occupies the first rank. Among the internal toxic

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The writer of this article once left a cigarette butt on the top of the

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would be a valueless encumbering of space, and an expenditure

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and if muscular contraction did not exist, artificial

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than small quantities, in consequence of the increasing lateral deviation and

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