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brim of the pelvis on the patient's right side, reacliino-

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the cases of climacteric insanity in that institution during the four years

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abdomen. The cough is not an aggressive feature, and it is easy

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noticed. Since that time the remedy has been tested

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weeks to point to the original trouble as persisting or being the cause

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marry late are also likely to complete their sexual

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temperature rises in the evening to a point which is generally a

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the help of a competent masseur was able to resume his duties in less

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into a hidden one ; the subsequent effusion of lymph,

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with capital investment, and also given the vast amounts of

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complete amputation of the affected parts. Whether these dis-

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the vesical sphincter by the suprapubic route, and, secondly, by repairing

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artery or tissue forceps with Bliding catch ; a dressing

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peptone broth — the lightness or heaviness of the sowing would after the

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days if I would, because my out-patient room is occupied by my

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by breaking down, ultimately leave the irregular cavities which produce

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The treatment consists in hyperextension of the wrist (under

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original growth be absolutely local or depending on general changes in the

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of a very prominent symptom of the disease. As many other

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regards the implantation of the lu-eters into the sigmoid

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actual acidity and acidity calculated from the phosphates is 200 — 115 or 85 cc.

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quite well. The specimen show-d itself to be an unde-

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defined disease as echinococcus infection. Therefore he thought one

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on the direct bactericidal action of sunlight which cannot act deeper

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them in combination : thus, in case of convulsions, or during

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often happens that when certain forms of disease are engendered

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larger proportion of children, though it will not agree with all,

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affection, he should exert all his influence to prevent such marriages, for

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pathogenic species. If the proper care be taken in procuring it, water which

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washing may almost do itself while the poor tired woman if

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in very cold or very hot water, a cold will generally

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internists, as well as allied professionals working in the field.

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sequence of this tainted condition of human nature, it carries

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them among the people; and this is the way that some

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At the battle of Waterloo, Dr. Pagan, then a lieutenant of the 55th Regiment,

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for its good « order and the proper treatment of the sick. A fnnd for

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methods, and a large increase of the number of investigators. In

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