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1804. Dr. Samuel Willard, on the Stafford Mineral Waters.

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Bd. viii. 1870, p. 126. Ocular Defects : 64. Buzzard. Brii. Med. Jourti. 1893, ii. p. 779 ;

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freely from the pelvic cavity, without reaching the

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physician (?) fails to produce any change for the better. Heart-sick

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terrible, — dreadful, — intense," — when in reality there is little

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1880 m.— Idem < de Par., v. 51, 6. s., v. 2 (27), 3 juillet, pp. 349-350.

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lower parts are more congested and oedematous ; some portions are more

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and morbus cordis, and which has been exemplified also, it is said,

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cardio-sclerosis, as their reaction to the drug is less than normal

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free paracasein with calcium paracasein, and a certain amount of

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wires. As a means of surprising a sluggish animal into doing

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that the healthy action of the heart, and of all the arteries and capil-

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irritation of obstructed, hardened faeces, continuing, ulceration may be added to

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is eliminated, when afresh accession of miasm is necessary for

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.. TM"»^ T 'T ■""" I Hg IH j Sole Proprietor, ST. LOUIS.

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water and bits of ice give the most rehef. The edema of the glottis

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with which every child is born. He discovered that the great thing

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boiling with bone-black, filtering, and adding sodium acetate to the

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with an alkali without undergoing decomposition, but the

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and constitution, as those with narrow loins, large flat sides, and

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ClL»''l-/lollHJ remedy of many virtues and thoroughly dependable.

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case I. — obstruction of the common bile-duct or the

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•emarked upon before, but it is. nevertheless, unceasingly

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& Co. we requested Dr. Thomson to furnish us cer-

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ation of the cost of an investigation versus the cost of alterna-

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down into the well, where exsiccation is impossible, the solar light

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natural position, the swelling is an element of danger ; free drainage and

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assumption, viz. that the nerve of any cone transmits impulses varying

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be lateral diameter of a Laplander's skull, according to the measurement*

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a rifled gun greatly increases the penetration ; ' and again, ' Velocity of

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the tufted foetal blood-vessels project, with all their compound

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The time ordinarily occupied in the process of chymification, when

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and for the mair verificatioun and strenth of the samyn we haif to hungin [appended] our

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