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the cases of impaired health, which commenced after that influ-

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they on their side speak truly. The question with us

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which may have elapsed, and in the different parts of the canal. Normal

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put under care, and for himself and for the community he

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three weeks, already had considerable motion without

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to this theory by a series of experiments, to which I shall

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le duties. Talks were given by the physician in all

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of danger to households in the use of canned goods.

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than would have occurred otherwise. Although the erup-

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Nearly three months passed without my being able to find the

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Therapie der Haufkranlclieiten. Von Dr. L. Leistikow, mit einem

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ways better than cure, but when a physician must be


Moved and carried that we tender a vote of thanks to Dr.

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the present time it seems that the chief therapeutic effect of

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ing nitrogen, of basic character, uniting with acids without the

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(general paresis?) in a remission did there occur after influenza with

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Hinsdale, M.D., Philadelphia. Council, S. E. Solly.

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these openings ought to be filled by a bougie, which is to be left

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injury to one of the cerebral hemispheres caused hemiplegia of

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tion and absorption of the epithelium of certain nodules. At some

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matory areola at the base, and in the finger there was onl\' slight

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Singapore, for example, is situated Avithin one degree of the equator ; it

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perature in early childhood. In the majority of cases, in w^hich the fever

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ground, etc. It should also be provided with a separate

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corum " (Rome, 1621; the book is usually catalogued

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through it, makes an excellent perineum strap. A piece two

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impossible to elicit any facial expression from the

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profession does contain — always has and always will— just such

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ing problems of our age. The disposal of refuse and the supply of water

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consequences of smoking marijuana are relatively few, a

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