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The alarm once sounded, action was soon taken. Children's Year,

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intestinal canal. The passage of gas through the ileo-caecal

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by performing artificial respiration. After that his progress was

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In vol. vi. we find Dr. Mott expressing advanced views on the

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curious that in no case were any boils observed upon

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tuberculosis, and at both these places skilled veterinary

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than myself, and that the price of my liberty should be my

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Pediatrics. A.B. I960, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D.

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those who object to compendious manuals or pocket-books for students

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physical law, and is generally admitted by physiologists.* But

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became professor of surgery and of anatomy at the Andersonian College in 1819.

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by German observers ; so that at the present day the life-history of the

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Public Health depends upon the advancement and the application

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candidly some of the doctrines concerning the nature and influence

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tend all more or less to excite the powers of the mind, they

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1 89 1 was 96 ^ , on August 4; the warmest day for twenty-

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It is to be remarked in connection with the increased amount of

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is that of rupture of the equilibrium and the resulting complications.

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siderably more extensive than that from the spherical bullet, solely

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