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agreeably to your request. In none of them were any internal remedies

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fever, or other diseases dangerous to the puhlic health, under a penalty

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the results in fracture of the clavicle unsatisfactory?

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the evacuations after delivery was at hand, and they

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ner teeth never had any hook. Where horses graze in sandy

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the relief of persons suffering with painful and necessarily fatal diseases.

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it had impinged upon the skull or upon any other part M

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judged upon its own characters. For, as Sir W. Gowers has insisted, much

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of invasion suggested rbtheln, but the catarrhal s\ mp-

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absent; tenderness on pressure over the course of all

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to prevent this accident, Mr. Morris (Lancet, May 30th, '82,)

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in the vigor of its youth and glory of its success, threatened

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which are clinically identical, but in which this bacillus is

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loh'n L. PhiUips. and reporting by letter to the commanding gen-

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confess surprise at the repetition of " ohdurator foramen " and " vila-

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derived from the calf by inoculation with smallpox virus. Neither the calf

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matters coughed up are called sputa. When there is no sputum

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tion of salicylic acid through the skin as possible, Sterling and

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the discharge is apt to be attended with the sudden appearance of

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the nerve centres, just as an attack of gout in the

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America on the questioi). Dr. Hammond is not an un-

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growth. The patient recovered, and is considerably im-

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ulcer. His view ' was that multiple rodent ulcer and benign cystic epithelioma

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The injection into the right lung of a pig of 8 c. c. of a pure bouillon

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intestinal capillaries. From the blood stasis thus produced in a non-immune

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contents falling towards the upi^r part of the abdomen. Hence

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the various applications of electricity, of the principles which

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at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, the R Adams Cowley

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be in writing or printing and shall be kept posted prominently in the creamery

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Pathology: Wu/iderlich, Das Verhalten der Eigenwiirme in Krankheiten. Leipzig,

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appear here to play a very inopportune part. At the very first, in read-

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.. TM"»^ T 'T ■""" I Hg IH j Sole Proprietor, ST. LOUIS.

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1504. A desolating plague raged in China and in Ireland.

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Having acquired the ability to integrate sensorimemorial impressions

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Diagnosis. — (a) From acute myelitis it is at times impossible to separate

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prematurely. My patient continued to improve, and on

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and (Jhirurgical Society of London, on 9th November 1897, spoke

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head is of average size, and is developed obliquely, upwardly, and back-

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