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ment, as well as prevent too frequent relapses. Complete

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between the fingers was as distinct as it was in our own hands sub-

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profession knew but little about opium. DeQuincy's article had the effect of stimulating curiosity in the pubhc

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use of blood cultures, taken from the patient in the early days of

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lants; circulatory stimulants; digestive stimulants;

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efi*usion. and that by paracentesis we give up this advantage. If it be an

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the upper ranks of society, doubtless because amongst the lower orders a

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testify that their relations to him are the same as those of any other mortal

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of the wound with the Bac. Oedematis maligni. And, as regards

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seldom affected, and kidney trouble seldom ensues as a

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in such stools. The determination of infection in such cases rests

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dition rapidly improved with stannoxyl treatment, but between July 8, 1917, and

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Medical Association in 1928 ; president of the American

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causation and treatment of skin diseases, White, J. C

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they invited to settle in the place. There is a minute of the Town Council of

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ment of the disease may follow the penetration of slight and

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100. A New Test to prove the Presence of Actual Death. Dr. Hugo Magnus . Ill

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Gore, Nicholson, &c., some of which will be taken advantage of in

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for the study of normal and pathological tissues. The nose and

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matter," remarks the writer, "presents itself in one of two forms:

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exudate over the surface of the mucous membrane, with superficial loss

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are concerned, there does not seem to be evidence that the cells

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is by clinical work, or such methods as those referred to. Why

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in which there' is sufficient deflection to interfere seriously with

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horse, autopsy made after 5 or 6 hours shows that digestion has been

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and backs of the hands. The eruption always tended to become more

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tubing may be best removed after a little judicious manipulation by forceps,

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in the result. It is generally recognized, moreover,

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is it shown in the figure ; in a flaming building, indeed, the mix-

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it and the thoracic waUs. If, in such a case, after an incision

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wise to make an absolute statement in regard to this oper-

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scrutiny of delegates sent by local societies, another insists on

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by breaking down, ultimately leave the irregular cavities which produce

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unnecessary to review the methods employed, but it is well to refer

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splint, for w'hen such occurs, the resiliency of the

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into each other's body, which produces the falling and other effects which

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guished founder of the New York State Inebriate Asylum, in

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