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gress in medicine and surgery, under the general editorial charge of

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primitive, ascribable to a local action on the cells of the derma or

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panting manner. If seen when an attack is not occurring,

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only that brilliant and successful example to lead him

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fine, hair thin, chest long, cylindrical, belly a little

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3. A single definite colour is produced with the bile pigment.

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door of the room opens and the living kittens are laid, just as the

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difficulties of utterance are more uniformly encountered. These diseases

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Dr. Sibley liad no particular treatment in view, that he should take the case

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" island " represents the period during which the tumour

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the penis, it is the location of numerous sebaceous glands.

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very simple matter to deflect the current by some of the many devices

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its onward movement tends to carry the bladder with it.

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strength afterwards, and after four weeks came to my

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that are indispensable for the elaboration of the elements coi

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and was drenched with perspiration for a number of days, and

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pressure of the nail on the soft parts ma\ he relieved

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on the heart than on the lungs. The change from the

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odorless, with a slight deposit of iron sulphid. It con

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report were recorded by medical officers and the records sent to the

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relation, will repeatedly indulge in the sexual act until nature rebels

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the posterior, lobe the results that are obtained being furnished by control

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| vegetable, and mineral, as long as he could swallow;

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The symptoms complained of by miners after the use of any of the

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Thus far only from the Big Wind River, August 3, 1892. by B.

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sidered by some authors as always rheumatic in origin. Lately there

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In all our discussions of ancient surgery and the apparent

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removal of the neoplasm to the local surgeons, at a future date when

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J. A. Goggans thought most of the cases were due to masturba-

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