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his time. Scribonus Largus, a physician in the time of

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ful and safe, as a hypodermic injection of hyoscine.


brethren of Selma desire to manifest their appreciation of the cause in which

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our judgment until repeated observations and the evolution of the

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lence in various towns in Massachusetts during the same period.

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in which suppuration does not occur readily are such as have

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be generally curative of this affection. He gives one-

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if nature is left to place it as she sees fit, but it is the

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The C/T/S system is designed to go right to work as soon as

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which .;have been supposed to explain the etymological

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dinner-pill contains a powerful article, though in a

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which our limited knowledge cannot account for, should

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The following list includes adverse reactions not reported with Limbitrol but

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to the left in Fig. 2. The next procedure then is to cover the raw

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of one is being contemplated, I would advise the purchase

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while, in some instances, fine chromatic granules are seen scattered through

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small needle, is all that is required. Sufficient tincture of iodine

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toneally, or intravenously. The general scheme of animal inocula-

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quoting : " Insanity is such a disorder or disease of the

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she was also the subject of phthisis. She had cough and expectora-

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end at command, cannot arrive at the same conclusion ?

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12. That in a similar soil, after a heavy rainfall, the enteric

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in performing the operation a considerable amount of the circular muscle

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so that the cardiac area was less by several square centimeters than

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contrived for at rare intervals, while it is certain that, whenever

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to be the result of a fall at the age of two years. In six

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*The INR is a standardized method of reporting prothrombin times to ensure

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Four patients with gonorrheal epididymitis with acute swelling and

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Mrs. Rose Vance, Exec. Dir., 2015 Western Ave., South Bend 46629

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position. Losophan contains 80 per cent, of Iodine, and presents

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colour, form, &c., with great circumstantiality." Narrative of a Tear's

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matism at the age of thirteen, had since traveled all over the

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Solve. Signa. One-half, taken in draughts, constitutes a dose.

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