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mission on tuberculosis : Prof. "William Osier, Lillian Welch,

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thai they will meet with a hearty response in all pan- of our country, and

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trium, one or both of which Dr. Wood has employed in all the


serologic testing for syphilis and HIV infection as required by

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Mr. Field relates an interesting case in which a fibroid tumor, weighing

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patient's neck, it is much commended. Some cut it in

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process must have brought the jejunum along the same path as one leads

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to be invaded by the epithelial formations. The spec-

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was brought to the hospital in a complete insensible condition.

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was recognized only in persons of a vigorous age, it was natural

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taken in small amounts. It produces a feeling of warmth in the

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words. In the general diagnosis of cerebral abscess, it is to be


which is afterwards converted into the root-membrane

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direct and specific instructions led to the physiologic

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chitis, the mucous membrane and entire bronchial wall remain thickened,

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years ago from the barium salts described by Levene and Jacobs.

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is one of the most frequent of the changes which are observed

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cubator at 99° F., and the coagula which formed were com-

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other diseases. Eomberg's symptom is often absent, though not invari-

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static pressure. This may be alternated with massage or

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that is composed of the invalid class who have found

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heart was found more than three and a half inches from the

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pecially with his writing. His last surgical paper was

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mental interest, or that they are to be considered as factors

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of Anatomy in the Medical College of Georgia. Extracted from

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Put tersely, the regimental surgeon must do, properly, as

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portion (i.e., the inferior postcentral). The portion of the inter-

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difficult to keep it within due limits. If anything, this book errs in

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ampicillm susceptible organisms are also amenable to Augmenhn treatment due to its

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to quiet the nervous system ; as well as to the administration,

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in the explanation of biochemical processes is very extensive. Most of

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