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impulse, which during life is dependent on the organ-

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gm. of yeast, 15 cc. of water, and absorbent cotton. Slight varia-

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of therapy should be to inhibit the excess of thyroid activity by means of

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and to appropriate the refractory period, discovered by Marey, as

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additional advantages of not entailing microscopic examination until such

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Poisoning by Food (Ptomaine Poisoning). Dr. Sidney Martin . . . 787

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bring about, in a reflex way, the irritation of the joint. It oc-

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to its being a liquid), is the best agent. The most practical method

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Resolved, That in the death of Dr. Job T. Dickens this

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address or resolve the problems under discussion. After the

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This promotes absorption. Albumoses (peptonized food) are

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had concentric atrophy of the left ventricle. The autopsy made in one of

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in jets. Nature's method of arresting such a hemorrhage is by the

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skin, resembling a naevus. She had neglected to apply

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ous other means but all to no purpose for over ten years,

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produced by carburetted hydrogen, and those met with in the vari-

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fast of nine days and other penances, used to receive the

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As regards the means for their preservation from decom-

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1. Obtained pure by passing the gaseous fluoride of chro-

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The elimination of mercury througli -the mammae has been

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cocci, and the Bacillus prodigiosus. This last Luerssen

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