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and the ends cut off". I have also employed short hare-lip pins, and

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of the condyles of the tibia and femur were entirely deprived

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examination is made because none is deemed necessary, other-

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tion of thirty grains of quinine, part of which was vomited.

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right guide, or on No. 1 of the first squad; all promptly recover their


resorted to without previous attempts to cure by any

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watered. So soon as the animal evinces signs of improvement,

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Microscopic Findings . — “ Study of a large number of

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neau tent. At least six of these should l>c supplied to each unit \or Jise

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to prevail in the minds of some of those pupils who saw the patient

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and permanent, and the patient is now a thriving girl of four

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burned ; and the places where they have stood or grazed ordered

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" Some Hints on the Tonsil-Adenoid Operation based on the

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ting rid of superfluous fat, but every athlete knows

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obtained. Information about flow through the lesion is criti-

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a citizen, doctor, and as a friend. The crowning feature of

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M. Long, surgeon of the Civil Hospital of Toulon, has invented a new

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with vinegar or mineral acids, are useful. Opium benefits

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became quite sick, and had much trmible in the stom-

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and has proved useful in cases where the bronchial glands were also

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Schwartz, Fred Sheldon. Adjunct Assistant Professor of

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fine powder, in a mortar ; add about an equal measure of sugar of

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which are several irregular growths composed of hard bony substance.

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Two of the following cases were admitted into Matthew Ward

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sterilized cultures of pathogenic bacteria, and sometimes can reproduce in

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establishment of a Memorial Institution in the City of Panama for re-

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malformed hips, however, will not be found during early

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arbitrary dictation ; we, in the comparing of notes intelligently,

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of Mr. J. W. Blankinship for determination; August 9, 1894 (No.

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same. On Liquid Food she gradually began to gain flesh and strength. The discharge from her

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a certificate of State examination. All their papers were taken from Mr. Austin and

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inoculation has been made there, in three to five days a charac-

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