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4. The proportion between the purposes and acts on the one

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trict ? We see its influence in the laying down of plans of opera-

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employing it upon human beings, it is not only the immediate

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Fig. 32. Diagram of Wiggers' optical manometer. The wide glass tube (A) (connected

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students who number 60. At the hospital about 1,500 indoor and

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treated sixty-seven cases of adherent placenta, with six deaths, which

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The study of the mucous membrane manifestations of pemphigus

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On motion of Dr, Marsh, the report of the committee was

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parenchymatous degenerations took in different infec-

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miiHites and oc(;urring half a dozen times a day. He

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The work is divided into twt) jiurts. Tart 1.. in which

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The symptoms above described are indicative of disease of the middle

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due to little projections or prongs from the surface of the colonies, these

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every practitioner of medicine is — the perusal of this monograph will

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pulmonary symptoms, disease of the apex manifests itself sub-

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the posterior wall of uterus, dragging the fundus backward, with a

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form of ocular disease called ^ucoma simplex. Before

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By pursuing this plan, we can manage to obtain at least from

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medium size and height, with well-developed muscles

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Hemorrhagic and Thrombotic Disorders, see Blood Coagulation

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the products and not the causes of disease ; I think

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wilds where the monkey, tiger, or anaconda alone is acclimated, the medical

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the result of intermittent fever. In contraction of the kidney

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/pes eft, illatn fuperejfe ; a'c fi forte fuperfit, furditas aut

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A curious point in the production of the letter r has been brought

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University Hospital. B.S. 1954, Northwestern University;

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leeches are frequently quite sufficient. But the most unequivocal remedy is a

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dition in which the mortality is very considerable.

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differing somewhat in details. There is, first, the

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The air was noticed not to pass through the left nostril,

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he died during the administration of chloroform. It

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become articulate, its earnest cry would be, " Save me from my friends !" Rescued,

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drawn our attention forcibly to the fact, that overworked muscles may cause pain

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