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glucose of the food. The efficacy of this remedy, and its

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he meant to put into it. Let me add, as a thoughtful

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guishing between a circumscribed and a diffuse form. Evidently

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already operated upon twice ; neither of these had ethmoidal

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or every hour until the skin becomes moist, may be given. The patient

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from the veins of the petrous portion of the temporal bone ; but

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garrison of Fort Augusta, and but six and a half per thou-

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intense collapse, cold blanched extremities, the skin dry, and the

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vessels of the integuments of the cranium, and of the brain and its membranes.

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adopted but in a case where the magnitude of the stone precludes

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will discuss the case from ^he standpoint of consultants. The opinion

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the knee-joint are liable to set up conditions of synovitis, which, mider

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those parts of the abdomen to which it would naturally

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In cases of simple fever, the temperature is in proportion to the

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fourteen years of age. This has been well called a critical age of woman's

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Mixture of Spirit of French Wine, L. — Brandy and cin-

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which had attended transfusion shoald encourage the attempt to find oat the

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rine gas may be used instead of the lime, but it is more

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diet, and take regular exercise in the open air, and he will soon be well.

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except on one occasion, when sprinkling the denuded

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Blistering. Through the skin, only the first method will

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beneficial, but it invariably produces purging to begin with.

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gle for existence. This it was found could be done in

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coating of gum. There is no inflammatory areola, but the edges

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patients hysterical. He called attention to the fact

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murder is a crime that seldom goes unpimished to the grave :

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hobble passes through its projecting link the end of the chain,

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also pointed out the necessity for the control of water supplies,

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ments will penetrate and become lodged at a depth determined by

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