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is actually placed into the stomach. If the person goes to

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lesion, and is modilied but not removed by the withdrawal of the

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follow the method and technic prescribed by von Behring. Pre-

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supported as well as the circumstances would admit.

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and it was possible to reproduce a typical cholera picture post-mortem by intra-

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attributable to the removal of the second ovary. Complete

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by Fowler & Wells, Clinton Hall, No. 131, Nassau street, New York.

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tive changes, which may ultimately lead to disintegration and cystic formation.

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tion between the substantive and its adjective. Confusion

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same temperature curves were noted to the nineteenth day. Mean-

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reflex hypertonicity preponderating in these muscles

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spiritual health which are too seldom recognized, viz. ; vital electrical

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IiKoniitience of 'Urine. — In the North American Medico- Chirurgical

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in the latter of which he is rather loose in his expressions, gu

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ing the front surface. If the result is negative, a fine

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I do riot hold that every disease of the parents will be trans-

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6th. The redness from inflammation is sometimes arborescent and in points; but

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chair, thus rendered vacant, has been filled by Dr. Marcus P. Stephenson,

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he acquired a certain amount of knowledge, and one day, when the Dean

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cura dell' idatide echinococco infiammata e sede di emorragia <Atti r. 1st.

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to be disposed in circles or segments of circles, due to the distribu-

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than the trocar, with canula, so that the silver may not be

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repeated twice. In the upper table is shown tho temperature of live

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pericarditis. Multiple thrombi, colorless, red, mixed, and hyaline,

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The present volume is one of the Standard Monograph series, and is a

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severity, at last spontaneously cease. The affected joints, however,

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and consolidate skills, but every once in a while, a bit of advice

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Goldsboboi oh, C. B . surgeon Leave of absence extended

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extensive destruction of one hemisphere (see cases by Booth, case 1,

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of the uterine appendages for the treatment of a certain class of

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the session of the National Safety Congress in Cleveland. The degree

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Symptoms following the rupture: Suddenly there occurred very severe attack

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