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disease. The time has arrived when this disease should be

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the living organisms are not so important as they have previously

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over the fire, against which the flame reverberates

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Cohen, Ruth P. Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.

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248. On the Employment of Subcutaneous Injections of Ergotin in the Treatment of

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All materiel pertaining to the sanitary service is also marked with

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Thackeray, of making morality fashionable, which Dr.

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our own drays to this store ; our wives, sons and daughters

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for ten or twelve years worn a pessary in the vagina, and that she had

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result of highly integrated activity of the stomach, small

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sufficiently extensive to be appreciated by percussion, and to

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tinue cool while the surface is warm; and in this way decomposition

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it is childless ? How often is the married woman despised be-

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to be substituted for them, and though these as well as all the

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mation of a second aneurism lower down, he might have survived for

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exploded, of leaving the long rough hair on the hun-

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results. He employed and recommends a sagittal incision, from

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information, which will remove all obstacles in the

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condemnation. When the difficulty is honestly faced by writers

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Symptoms. Acute Form. Dnllness, languor or indispo-

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been so uniformly satisfactory that surprise is expressed

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in case of this latter operation being resorted to. Tourniquets


the door and his head was against the bunk. I thought of

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for presumed Toxoplasma gondii encephalitis underwent diagnostic biopsy in 22 patients: primary lym-

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its best effects are produced from small repeated doses, or from large

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is done only as a last resort. To our knowledge, no patient

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the sub-clavian artery resulted, which might have proved fatal but for the

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under simple treatment, without leaving any sinus or other indica-

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them ; afterwards he got her to produce them of herself at com-

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come, as the labour had come on very rapidly, and as the child was

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sugar level was slightly higher than normal in four of the patients,

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was much improved. Made an injection of 1-60 grain Col-

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"The hands are frequently the carriers of contagion. The use of

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cation of cold, but the difeafie is always contagious ;

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residence should be advised. Those living in the city are

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ounce of the nitrate of potassa was taken; bat for the three days

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the same general steps are necessary, save that the finger of

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The defendant maintained that he did inform the plaintiff

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considers that in some cases thyroid extract does harm, and gives his

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posed. They will hang for days, sucking the blood, until their

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patient was examined eight months later on 3rd January 1917,

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presented a general lenticulopapular eruption, in groups.

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radius, osteomyelitis, and loss of substance. (Fig. 17.) He came to

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these gentlemen and obtaining from them the full particulars.

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Medico-legal Aspects of Contusions. — Contusions have often very important

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hybrid cells were nontumorigenic but, on culture and follow-

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are on their superfices, contain nothing of seed, yet they con-

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however, he felt and pulled out a thick piece of lymph several inches

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sonality for the authorship of the Odyssey), adopted

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trophy of the ventricles. At the same time, the system suffers

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pus-corpuscle, the latter recognized by its bipartite or tri-

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This is a new work upon treatment, and comprises within a single

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ing a iiseless prescription making up one dollar or

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