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The following brief case report is of interest in that it is an

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This has been observed in animals in which all of the extrinsic nerves

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having within a cellular structure, capable of being greatly distend-

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meeting of the British Medical Association at Oxford in

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6. The increase in metabolism may be due to increased muscular

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seems to have determined the exact nature of this peculiar broncho-

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named by the erudite historian. I refer to the first

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The Committee on Revision of Constitution and Bylaws

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tail to the possible difficulties arising in its perform-

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symptoms evident to the patient and have not been recognized by

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Temp. Capt. William Logan Scott, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps.

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order to do so, his resources must be skilfully husbanded,

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emulsified, the organisms being alive, and the current be then passed


laying some feverish symptoms, but which are not to be relied on

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of the cyst — ^when this does occur — takes place by necrosis and absorp-

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leading members of the profession believe quinine to be superior

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obhged to institute a collection for their benefit.

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cine, where he made a host of friends and laid the foundations of what

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the exudation was more marked, the skin lieing raised in wheal-

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tions, become fatal to mother and child ; and in order

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has lately been discovered by Mr. T. Nunneley, of Leeds, that

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single muscle like the sterno-mastoid, or a group of muscles; or

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marked decrease of the percentage was of almost equally grave

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History of the Case. — The mare has been bitten on the

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minds of the higher order of intelligence, and this will have a

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