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who cannot supply to his system the substances necessary to main-

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Among the latter were 14 aged 75 years and upwards, of whom

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blood. Now we know, from what has been said above, that

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was prostrated, and passed feces. Complete recovery took place in 1 hour. The

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guaranteed for these dependents, delinquents and defectives, by a

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had not consulted a doctor in regard to it, and was not aware that

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temperature is extremely high from the outset, fre-

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cotton. There was no reaction aud the cut surface of

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value which it could produce that a new edition is required so soon.

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And, of course, there is that other epidemic out there— so

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momile, given daily for a week, with change of food,

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times it happens that compression paraplegia sets in before deformity has

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than on the former occasions. Lindfors refers to two other cases of

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cent.). The only change between the two periods was the use of the baths.

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The superficial flexors of the finger with the flexores

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Scarlatina In etlolofry of acute parenchymatous ne-

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outlotA from every window. ^ — .^^.^^^ ^. * jj j mm*.

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was no ligamentum teres, and the distance from the tro-

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occurrence— to the number of two or three thousand a year.

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in fact, that they may well be overlooked in the results actually

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eye-teeth burft our, as thefe have an obtufe top, and


w^hich is attached to the posterior lip of the cervix. (Fig. IL)

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welfare, requiring to be tended like children ; but from their bravery,

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by biological methods, but the results, in almost every case, have

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with a large and well appointed lios[)ital, having pro-

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after night for three or four nights until the insomnia would so affect

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other two comj)anies, which, either from imjjerfect disin-

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[* Good authorities, as Dujardin Beaumetz, condemn this

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Dr. Van Dorran said that some years ago he had had the fortune to

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Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Google Book Search helps readers

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be of gonorrheal origin. Sarfert has found diplococci in pus from mastitis,

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developed in rheumatism and intermittent fever. He has

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small part only of this half was of healthy consistency, preserving

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and Kos became the influential shrines of healing and the name

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felt, the temperature is much below normal, and on exposure the limbs

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