Remagnetize A Magnet

the substance of one kidney was entirely absorbed, being almost

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granular substance, and the whole mass becomes converted into debris. This

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large vesicles of a circular form, with a flat or rather a concave surface ;

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meningitis hsemorrhagica. Sclerosis of the cortex is common. Dr. Gee

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inflammatory action, as long as the tissues were pre-

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in her food aggravated the pain, concentrating it in the tongue;

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Drunkenness isto the surgeon a source of numerous embarrassments, which

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rious addition was made to the suppurating surface,

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BARTLETT, Ph.D., F.C.S., and the experiments which were made, together with

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showed the presence of a considerable amount of albumen (0.5 per cent.), whereas

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The importance of this condition was first emphasized by Chiari and Kraus,

remagnetize a magnet

means of sponge-tcQ^s preparatory to the performance of the operation. Even

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sciences. Since that time there have been no epochs

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Sustain the vital forces by tonics — all the food that will be


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minute bacteria. In soft organs, such as the liver,

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Conk-, Bajcuzl T., medical director. Detached from Hospi-

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two : this was repeated twice a day for three weeks.

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nodes quite frequently. It was found in nearly one-fourth of the cases at the

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cavity filled with an iodoform tampon over which a bandage was

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bichloride of mercury to each bucketful. The stall in which the

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