ment in a certain number of cases, but fortunately the majority of

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sistant. Dr. Brewster, was caused by a mass of hair

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absent; tenderness on pressure over the course of all

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The hospital alluded to had several cases of Tellow Fever

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tothrix or Leptothrix hut a "bacillus in chains.'' In the second case nothing

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wounded men and attending to their first necessities without


undesirable, discourages treatment, and gives a prog-

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coverings. This latter fact was remarkably illustrated

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served for one year, or at the most for two years. The

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gratifying results. It is void of repugnant taste, and is readily retained by the

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ing, as he himself had for the last two years been curing his

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917.- Another (2) — Ingredients — 6 sheep's trotters, 2 blades of mace, a

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svstem, improving the nutrition of the whole system,

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ing the separation of the tissues, and requires a quick decision

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not the red cells of each other. The serum of a carcinoma case hemolyzed

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portion (i.e., the inferior postcentral). The portion of the inter-

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her mother, that, nearly three years previous, she had the scarlet fever;

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does now and then occur, we should never wash with water ^r

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The Third Anmtal Meeting will be held at Elmira, Chemung County, on the

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then the pressure of the purulent secretion confined in the ear

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there exists a correlation between the number of persons per room

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upwards ; the liver and spleen, otherwise quite normal, were turned on

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sleep and continued afterwards, though less severely. They

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observations in every direction was what was wanted.

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tion, there certainly can be no question that the estab-

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absence extended one month. S. O. 250, A. G. O., October 27,

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253. Post-partum Inflammation, and its Treatment. Dr. Edward Montgomery . 253

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3. It is preferable to the flap-extraction, on account of the

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