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circuit operation done. A few glands were felt about the root of the cajcum,

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desires of the dealers are directed toward the elimina-

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albumen is invariably a sign of disease is still strongly upheld

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7. Hunt, Claude J.: Early diagnosis and roentgen manifestations

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been rapid in the past few years, and it is found that they play an

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is caused by the application to bleed frequently; this circumstance has made me

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muscles, of the dislocated limb, for the purpose of reducing the dislo-

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cultures of Streptococcus C.55 was begun on October 15, 1917. The

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of a sick companion in the quiet tent. To the General, such a state ot

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Thiele,^^ Bryan and Gruening.^- It is possible that, in the cases

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not to get much after-bleeding and put drainage-tubes

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indoor work. We can each of us recount the sacrifice

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A critical examination of the nuclei is absolutely essential in making

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daily inoculations with quantitative measurements in order to

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distance from hospitals may sometimes distrust their own

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that a live lizard was in her stomach. The tumor was found to

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and Varieties of Destructive Lung Disease") says, — "Nearly

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and ably drawn documents. Almost all the facts embodied


but as soldiers have nothing else to do, this is unimportant.

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conveyance, the visits being made, however, at the expense of the in-

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It is not necessary to open the bowel at once, as it may be left for

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Fig. 8. Forward ward, showing two tiers and tliree tiers of berths.

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others (often family members).” So much easier to simply kvell.

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draught will not strike the fowls, as it is liable to cause

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from Privy Council, letters, editorials and suggestions

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This explanation coincides exactly with the well-known clinical fact

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