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exciting causes, such as cold water, exposure, fatigue, irritating

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Some of the changes made may not be fully appreciated

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at the roots of the hair as to turn the hair white in a few hours; that

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tolerance. In such cases the "grain to drop" solution

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well developed try to get rid of the debris through the skin and bowels;

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work of our sixty-sixth session, I feel powerfully the sense of my

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the same regularity as in animals. In considering the possible effects

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weight, and complained of no undue sense of weariness, but only of

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found at autopsy but it is doubtful if they cause any symptoms. In 2 of this

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severe ovarian disease excepting during the febrile stages and in

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kind that are most quickly benefited by hamamelis. After many

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of skin diseases is a thorny topic, and the time has not yet arrived for

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my professional care have become familiar with the use of the instrument, and

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Diseases, June, 1904.' At the post-mortem of his case, which died of

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ing that the aijent of infection is the flea. Fleas are

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This survey convinced the officials that it would repay them to

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2 hours incubation at 50°C. in the water bath and 15 minutes at room

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which, we think, simpler Saxon might advantageously liave been substituted,

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type. This second type, which is common, is characterized by spreading,

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is quite unnecessary, but it perhaps appeals to the aesthetic

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itic taint, the iodide of potassium produced at first

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is allowed the toe for a moment at the close of the

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progressed to a point where practical use of it can be made, and hence

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we may infer that that tumour is not due to peritonitis. Moreover, both

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Apocynum will be found a valuable remedy with which to

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average rainfall for December in the thirty-five years, 1871-1905.

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not be formed at all, or would at best be small, as it is for instance

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