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tions from the bowles and kidneys; they become very inactive — will often

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moist rales at apex. Weight, 126 pounds, a gam of one pound ; and

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a child, yet is only beginning to be a woman. It cannot be said that

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slough of greater or less portions of the indurated but still friable

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of the profession still unfortunately continue to disregard ausculta-

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is performed in a warm season, antiseptics must be ap«

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became quite sick, and had much trmible in the stom-

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in Groups 1 and 3, but not in Groups 2 or 4. In a preliminary

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operation. It has been often observed that a semisolid mixture of

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of the Pathology Institute is Professor Lennert, who has just published a monu-

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Dr. Peters thinks $5,000 would be sufficient to put

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from the risk of emboli. Dr John Duncan used the bipolar method

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the depression upon his forehead, and said in broken language,

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law of coincidence between the hypertrophy of the heart and

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and care of horses ; he then went into the forge for two years, and

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with a chill, rapid pulse, foul tongue, and in the severe cases, pro-

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gives place to enthusiasm, and, as a surgeon, we respect-

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given with advantage on the subsidence of the fever,

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and nerve. There was no increased electrical reaction

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48,774: out of this number, 645 were attacked by the

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to the school of Dr. Estlin, near Bristol. Here I was

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exists in the crystals — whicn, by the way, our author sats is an optical delusion, there

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in the lower angle of the wound. Koeberle used a small wire


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from symptoms of plumbism admitted having taken some form

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nus, this (l) because of their small size, (2) because of the tracheae

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physical and mental, which are hereditary. Too much power has

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inserted at opposite angles into the lateral aspect

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ting reactions initiated when plasma was exposed to a nega-

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separation of the pelvic junctions, two new factors

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large class it is. After every labor there is more or less contu-

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British Medical Association, at its recent meeting, remarked : <* Pjsmia,

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result from microbes there has been eager search for the means of

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