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action that may readily be produced in the circulating fluids by the

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full as possible, repeating until the bleeding abates. There is

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to radium rays, great care should be taken to avoid over-exposing

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a hot bath and immerse all except the head. This is

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of the horse, contains frequently three quarts. When distended

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Elv, S. W. Address before Medical Society of the State of New

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esting legal points in their defense. The chief contentions of

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of the disseminated cases, but was comparatively rare in the dis-

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having been found in the blood of the rheumatic man is, that it has never been

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palpitation, tremor of the eyelids and to a less extent of the hands,

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course be removed ; but otherwise we may try and persuade the

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described in some ways and differs from it in others. Under the

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the mucous membrane covers cartilage, the more closely adhe-

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36. Otorrhea in Children. — Dr. Amelung states in a communication in

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expected with any tuberculous lesion of the lungs sufficient to require

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the matter is so great that beginners will find many parts almost

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scope. Agglutination was found in a moderate proportion of the 144 mixtures.

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introduction to such a size that it fits the point of a uterine

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tised in Calais. He was a public-spirited citizen, a member

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by means of the galvano-cautery. Dr. Seiler illustra-

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rious individuals, encouraging us to go on with our measures undisturbed. Our

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Any size by mail postpaid on receipt of price, 60c. per box.

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The first resident physician of the regular school in the county, Dr. Hector

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foot.and toes plantar-flexed. All the muscles of the leg and thigh

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