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of lodism. It is probable that in the former case the medicine

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from the tube and from the folds of the broad ligament, and that when

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manifested leprosy and died of it. The diagnosis was confirmed by

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property of glycerine, but some other peculiar chemi-

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treatment of gout and all cases in which toxaemia is conceded to be

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1871— namely, 28.1, and the lowest, 22.3, in 1890.

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Practice, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, were ably officered and

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I turned without giving chloroform. The left knee was

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directly on the blood in the lungs, to withdraw from it all the

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his experience of the utiHty of the Gclsemin in certain morbid condi-


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19. Cytology of Nerve Cells. — Hours to be arranged. Mj. or §Mj. Winter,

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to another operation. The death rate in this series of 1000 cases

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the Fellowship of the Eoyal Society, the position of Physician to

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connections is undoubtedly muscular, the nerves in the neighbour-

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37. Naunyn : Arch. f. exper. Path. u. Pharmakol., 1874, 3» 85.

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faculty of Paris, a work which seems to have resulted

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consistency of an organization which has won a reputation for such

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evidence, as he is the only one of seven children , some of whom are old-

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There was no facility for taking care of [neutron therapy

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