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essection _/ir<? 71'eek.t after the injiu-y. The changes

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Mis<iLii)Ki) fiMTiiy on tlic |tart of u certain will-

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bags filled therewith, or, if preferred, the rubber coil with a

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have to v^ork with is situated in different portions of the frame, and

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It seemed advisable to determine the influence of the concentra-

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or less, and in consequence they are much less able to bear

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Ha^M doth it happen that a -cvoman <who is ^ivlth child of a boy

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Technology building was used for the literar}' exer-

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tions, which was not only read with avidity at home, but was received

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Almond-oil does not supply its place. Cod-oil contains 31

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tteir roots, the result being atrophy of the cellules. The same

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coincides with certain observations reported by Hanzlik, Scott and

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the country, asking them to obtain for comparison the formula used

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were entirefV covered with diphtheritic exudation, with

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a gumma and a growth, which moreover are unaccompanied

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in this line of work and the Ontario laboratory for the study of the sub-

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hoped to hear discussed freely — the kidney complications. As the

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catarrhal pneumonia and broncho-pneumonia, be recognized three types of

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1. A horse was brought in with a tumefied condition of the right

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of some form of hypertrophy of the heart, or of pre-existing

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The concentration of hydrogen ions in the perfusion fluid has an im-

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the liquid to be drawn off, and the shorter arm is then inserted in

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ing death assailed them. This aspect of the worship

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