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ed b}^ an analysis of the physiological phenomena, following their

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childhood by large enemata of tepid water, or by inflation

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the hands having been previously disinfected as if the

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derangements, malaria, struma, Bright's disease; and, last but

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obtain these it is above all things necessary to have both good

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cided on. The laminae of the fifth, sixth and seventh dorsal

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The President, George Sumner, M. D., then read an Address to

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pallor and oedema are the only objective symptoms which force them-

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adopt them; for we are the true Eclectics — excluded by no prejudices or

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years, having seen service in England, France and Italy has returned

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tory"; "Bartholow's Materia Medica and Therapeutics"; "Stille's

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1S74. Fel. Am. Acad. Arts and Sci. ; Mem. Bos. Soc. Nat. Hist.

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ing itself above the internal os. The patient, who had a per-

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years most of this form of treatment was done in a haphazard way

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venient table, with the requisite stationery and a most luxurious arm chair,

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cerning this infection, i. e., the appointment of a royal commission on

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the arm over the head, and it gradually goes down by his side in a semi-

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feature. The parenchyma undergoes a rapid atrophy. Within a few weeks the

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vessels were distinctly visible, and that the retina itself could be

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(42) digest of the law relating to theatres and music halls.

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creasote, and the carbonate of guaiacol is practically tasteless, but

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steadily avoid immorality and vice we should not have

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eleven minutes had penetrated through it into all the textures of the

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