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is interesting; and some of them came exasperatingly

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by the bulging and pressure of the surrounding tissues.

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The cause of the irritability is sometimes supposed to be confined

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lo ba tfaa wtah of the iiroTaaaliiii, aa ■ ni]r\ to avoid pabUeH; U «aa-

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them that know no better.— Now that these diif^rent sexes

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25. Von Willebrand, E. A. : Ueber die Kohlensaure- und Wasserausscheidung

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A. B. 1945, Columbia University; M.D. 1948, New York

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and 26th the joint swelling and pain receded (patient had re-

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the filling wave being noticably less in evidence and occurring later in the

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(4) vacuole bearing cells (large mononuclear) 15-20 per cent,

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in various classes is an especially gratifying evidence of the grow-

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described under the names of the Walcheren fever, the Mediter-

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then normal cycles, but with increased Sa-Av conduction (0.024). This returned

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matter ; its destructive action may be required for the eggs

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these sordid souls are a source of wonder as well as of

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having extended his observations over 2,000 miles of " The Free State,"

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look to our statesmen and men of influence to protect us against

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believe it possible to give such a description. Eead the works on

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which is well illustrated. The volume will be found a very handy refer-

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generalised vaccinia are those sequels of vaccination which are caused

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Sansom next takes up the second category of cases, twenty-nine in number,

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make sufficient allowance for practical difficulties and the losses

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each other as the lungs are so interlobular. This rupture of the cells is

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